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Manning's Pest Control has been in the Southern area of coastal North Carolina for over 25 years, providing professional exterminating, the best service we can offer, and the most reliable technicians. We keep our techs up-to-date with the most modern classes and knowledge of chemical handling safety. We provide cockroach, termite and ant exterminator services. Give Manning's Pest Control a try, you will be glad you did!

Crawl Space Inspection
Expert Pest Control Services
Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable in their own home when it comes to insects. Sure, every now and then you are going to get a few that find their way in. When they start to live in your home in large numbers or appear frequently then it becomes a problem. It does not matter what kind of pest you are dealing with, a pest is a pest, and it is unwelcome in your home! You can rely on us to take care of the job at hand. We have the proper equipment to effectively treat your home for pest control while not damaging your home. It is best to leave this kind of work in the hands of professionals as we know which chemicals to use and not use, where to use them, how to use them, and the effects they could have. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our pest control process. After all, it is your house we are coming to work in, so we want you to feel as comfortable as possible! 

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Special A service to care for special needs, such as fleas, mice, cockroaches, ants, flies, etc...

This is a service that is on an as needed basis.

Monthly A service to keep a pest problem under control or to maintain a pest free environment at the home or business.

Quarterly A service usually inside and around the exterior of the home or business.

Six-month A special service for the control of a special pest problem.

Many pest problems require timely services to maintain or gain control. Many pest problems need monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly attention.

We have dehumidifiers to help manage pests

Humidity Control

Conditions may occur to homes causing unhealthy living environment. Some remedies are:

1. Dehumidifiers can be installed in crawlspaces along with vapor barriers to maintain a healthy environment in the crawlspace. Less unhealthy and unwanted fumes and gases into your home.

2. Auto Non-toxic Vents can be installed in the foundation walls to control the humidity in the crawlspace and helps with undesirable conditions.

3. Vapor Barriers can be installed to prevent moisture from rising from the soil and into your home. Conditions may occur to homes causing unhealthy living conditions.

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