Bed bugs move between their human host and their surroundings where they hide during the day. Hiding places include the seams and folds of mattresses, cracks and crevices of bedside furniture, as well as floor moldings and other protected spaces. They can survive for long periods off the host without feeding, or they may feed on an alternate warm-blooded host animal, but humans are the bed bug’s preferred host. Our bed bug exterminators understand that getting into bed and discovering bed bugs is one of the things you least want to experience. We will make sure your bed is safe from bed bugs so you can sleep at ease.

Bed bugs are known to bite during nighttime but hide throughout the day. Because of this behavior, they tend to hide in and around bedding. Since adult bed bugs can live 6-12 months, infestations build slowly and last a long time if not treated. Heavily infested rooms often have a distinctive “sickly sweet” odor which is produced by scent glands on the insects.

Signs That You May Have Bed Bugs (Besides Waking Up With Bites)

1. Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye, no equipment is necessary. Check the following areas:

~ Headboards
~ Beside Tables
~ Ceiling/Wall Junctions
~ Loose Wall Paper
~ Any area near the bed that has a crevice or crease, including: Mattress, seams, baseboards, & personal belongings

2. Physical Evidence to look for:~ Bed bug skins or exoskeletons~ Blood stains on sheets and clothing~ Fecal matter on bedding and mattress

When It Comes To Pest Control, Keeping Bed Bugs Away Is Top Priority!

Wilmington, NC, in addition to several other areas of the state have seen a rise in bed bug infestations over the recent years’. Bed bug pest control will include an inspection of the area of infestation, the use of insecticide, and treatment using a fog machine. Clothing, linens, and other fabrics will need to be removed and washed prior to treatment. Mattresses may need to be removed as well. This will ensure proper sanitation to stop the infestation.

For more information on how bed bug treatment works, call Manning’s Pest Control today. We can schedule a follow-up inspection on a weekly basis to keep your home free of bed bugs.