Pest Control of Timber Borers

Borers are pests that make their way deep down into wood, including trees or seasoned wood. If you have wood flooring or furniture, it is at risk of infestation from timber borers, including Anobium borers and Lyctus borers which attack furniture, pine flooring, and hardwood timbers. 

Borers can be spotted by finding exit holes and dust left behind. Borers will eat the timbers and cause severe damage to wood. Particularly at risk are wood furniture items and flooring in older homes with poor ventilation or moisture control problems. This is the perfect breeding ground for borers. 

Protect Your Home

To keep from having to replace your damaged timber, call Manning’s Pest Control for pest control solutions such as fumigation and insecticide injections. Manning’s Pest Control has the knowledge, experience, and quality equipment and technology to solve your problem.

The best way to ensure your home is safe from borers is to schedule an inspection from a pest control expert. Manning’s Pest Control would be happy to help. We can assess the potential for an infestation and recommend the proper preventative measures to take care of your issue. Call us today.