Reasons for Centipedes in Your Home
Wilmington, Southport, & Oak Island, NC

These creepy, crawly arthropods are a common house pest that, like other pests, chooses to invade your home due to its warmth, safety, and easy food source. Centipedes can survive in both dry and moist places, but they are more often found in or under dark, damp areas. Basements and drains are some of the most common areas, as they can enter your home through cracks in your foundation, windows, doors, and drains. 

If you notice centipedes in your home, chances are that you also have other pests. Spiders, bed bugs, silverfish, and other bugs are all on the list of prey. With plenty of food and protection, centipedes will set up shop and continue to breed, especially in wintertime. 

Don’t let these critters take over your home. Call Manning’s Pest Control and have our pest exterminator eliminate these and other nuisances.  

Prevent Centipedes from Entering Your Home

There are ways to drive centipedes out and to prevent them from entering in the first place. 

• Eliminate other pests: By taking care of other pests around the house, you’ll be cutting off the food supply that centipedes need. Without anything to prey on, these pests will be forced to search elsewhere. 

• Reduce shelter areas: Centipedes thrive in dark places with moisture. While other pests will lay their eggs outside the home, centipedes will reproduce in your home if they find the perfect hiding environment. Storing firewood outside, keeping your attics or crawl spaces dry and clean, and organizing these areas are all behaviors that lower the chances of an infestation. 

• Lower moisture levels: Seasonal moisture or unspotted leaks can bring centipedes crawling in, so keeping moisture low is one of the main ways to keep these pests out. If you notice drafty windows or doors, or spot water infiltration, take care of these right away. Having a dehumidifier in your basement or attic can also help. 

• Seal points of entry: Points of entry for the pests, that is. While cracks in doors and windows can serve as an access point, so can any gaps, holes, or cracks in your foundation. If there is any kind of open space leading from your home to the outside, it serves as a potential open door for centipedes and other pests. 

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