Why are Dehumidifiers so Important?

Basement and crawlspace moisture and humidity can be caused by heating and cooling extremes, which are all too common in and around Wilmington and Southport, NC. Moisture in these areas can lead to simple problems such as damage to items stored there, or more serious issues such as mold. Mold is a serious problem that can cause health concerns for your family and can spread to other areas of your home. Manning’s Pest Control can help you avoid problems related to basement and crawlspace moisture by putting in one of our dehumidifiers, which will provide airflow and remove moisture from the air.

Our Dehumidifiers

The Santa Fe Advance2 provides the right amount of airflow you need in crawlspaces or basements in your home. This dehumidifier can be easily installed with optional condensation pumps and duct kits for maximum efficiency and installation flexibility.

The Santa Fe Advance2 is engineered for quiet operation, high-efficiency, large capacity, low temperature operation and superior air filtration. Home dehumidifiers are essential for removing moisture from your home, which will help control pest population in your home. 

Download a brochure for Santa Fe Advance2 home dehumidifier here.

Call Now to Eliminate Basement & Crawlspace Moisture in Your Home!

Whether you have basement or crawlspace moisture issues, count on Manning’s Pest Control for dehumidifier installation as a solution! Not only will dehumidifiers help reduce moisture, but they can be a player in your ant or termite control efforts. Pests are attracted to damp places where they can thrive so reducing the moisture in your home can help! For more information or to schedule a consultation with our experts, contact us today. Our services extend to clients throughout the Southport, Oak Island, and Wilmington, NC areas.