Rodent Control 

Rats and mice are two pests no homeowner wants to run into. They can hide in areas of your home as they thrive on unsanitary areas. Rats and mice can carry disease through their droppings, which they can leave throughout your home. During cold weather months, rats and mice will seek warmth and find their way indoors. They will be attracted to areas where they can find food, including near garbage cans and refrigerators. Most often, rats and mice will be found hiding in drains or under floors. 

Rats and mice also cause problems with their teeth, gnawing on many different surfaces and objects. They have been known to cause electrical fires by chewing through electrical boxes. It’s the job of Manning’s Pest Control to keep rats and mice away from your home at all times to ensure your health and safety. 

Roof or Black Rat
Sewer or Brown Rat

Common House Mouse

Rat Baits

Usually the most effective way to control rats and mice is through baits, including sticky straps and mechanical traps. Baiting is the best way to lure rats and mice and get rid of them. Rat baiting includes the use of dispensers safely placed in areas where rats gather but pets or children can’t touch them. To ensure rodents can’t make their way into your home anymore, sealing all tiny entryways into your home should be explored.

Manning’s Pest Control can discuss ways to control your premises to prevent infestations from rodents like mice and rats. Ask us about our affordable prices on our rodent control services. We can conduct the best pest control services to eradicate the problem based on the layout of your home or business. Call us today.