Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches are annoying little pests who will infiltrate your home ready to feed on food scraps. They will also carry disease with them like salmonella, dysentery, and other stomach ailments. No matter how much you try to keep your home spotless, even the cleanest homes are still vulnerable to cockroaches. They get into difficult-to-reach places and search for food in places like unsealed food containers, grease stains, and more. Making it even more difficult to stop cockroaches, they tend to hide and sleep during the day and crawl around at night while you’re asleep. The most important thing to do is hire an expert to stop your roach infestation.

Manning’s Pest Control has the answers you’re looking for with cockroach baits, synthetic pyrethroids, and more to treat your premises for cockroaches. We will appraise your home or commercial property to determine the exact cost of treatment depending on the total amount of area that needs to be treated and what kind of infestation we’re dealing with.

Doing What We Can

Our team will inspect your kitchen for signs of cockroaches, including their eggs or feces. We will place traps in areas cockroaches are likely to venture to. We will also use modern food baits to control cockroaches effectively. In some cases, we will use a synthetic pyrethroid dust that is deadly to cockroaches. This dust can be applied underneath your floors and inside roof voids. We use the best tactics for stopping the spread of cockroaches and remove them from your property permanently.

If you spot cockroaches on your property, call Manning’s Pest Control immediately. We will help you identify them and begin working to remove these pests for good.