Termite Control Service For Southport, Oak Island & Wilmington, NC

Summary of Professional Termite Control Methods

INITIAL INSPECTION & REPORT The very first step in providing termite control is a thorough inspection of the property in question. We will be looking for termide evidence as well as termite activity. We will note this along with areas of higher risk as well as inaccessible areas.


LIQUID PERIMETER TREATMENT Our primary method of treatment is that of a liquid barrier. This liquid barrier is applied through injection around all foundation elements and under all slabs directly adjacent to the home. We presently use the best termiticide on the market, Termidor, on our termite treatments. 

TERMITE BAITING In some very rare cases we are unable to complete a liquid barrier treatment. We have an alternative method we can use called termite baiting. 

HOUSEKEEPING Things such as excessive mulch build-up, firewood, bricks, blocks and such directly adjacent to foundation walls make inspections more difficult and give termites avenues to enter your home without being seen. 

INSPECTIONS Annual inspections are a must. In order to provide you with the best possible coverage we need to do an annual inspection of your property. This is needed so that any problems detected can be dealt with promptly before any damages occur. We will also be looking at other issues that might be considered conducive to termite infestation. 

NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS Home owner’s insurance does “NOT” cover termite damage. Only a termite “Bond/Warranty” does and not many companies offer that. WE DO. It is a damage policy that covers repair cost up to a point if termites coming from the soil do damage to your home. 

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If you are in the Wilmington, Oak Island, & Southport, NC area looking for termite treatment, rely on us! We have what it takes to safely remove termites from your home without causing damage to your home. If you have termites, it is important to act fast as they are a hazard and a threat to the structure of your home. Give us a call and we will help you take back your home before it’s too late! Choose the experts at Manning’s Pest Control for termite treatment!