Termite Control
For Wilmington, Oak Island, & Southport, NC

When many people think of termites, their natural reaction is to think of wood eaters. While this may be true, termites can also cause damage to building foundations/framing, crops in a garden, or beautiful trees in your yard. The termite species can vary in size, numbers and life stages. 
Similar to bees and ants, termites have “workers”, “soldiers” and a queen. Both the workers and soldiers range anywhere between .16 to .60 inches, with the queen measuring up to 4 inches. In a colony, the number of termites can expand rapidly if not kept in check or found. On average, a typical colony can consist of 2-4 million individual termites. With this growth, many of the workers spread out looking for more room and food, which is where they find local wood piles and even wood in your home. With the longest lifespan of any insect in the world (25-50 years), these pests can stick around, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. If not handled properly by a professional, termites can continue to grow their nests and expand into multiple colonies.

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