Yellow Jacket Wasps

Yellow jacket wasps can be quite dangerous to humans since they have a painful sting and cause massive swelling. There have been cases where death has resulted from wasp stings. Caution needs to be taken around wasps. They are easily identifiable by the yellow and black stripes on their body. 

You may also spot a wasp nest on your property. They usually hang from surfaces like ceilings, window sills, gutters, or awnings. If you find one of these nests, do not try to get rid of it yourself. This could backfire horribly as wasps are very aggressive and can attack in packs. The best thing to do is call Manning’s Pest Control for help. 

Effective Wasp Control

Manning’s Pest Control knows the safest methods for dealing with wasps quickly and effectively. We wear protective equipment and use the best technology to treat wasp infestations. This includes the use of a safe synthetic pyrethroid insecticide.

Don’t take any chances with wasps. Stay safe and call Manning’s Pest Control for help. We can take care of your wasp problem.