There are roughly 113, 600 people living in Wilmington, NC. Most of these people have homes which could be paradise for termites. But you don’t have to let your home become a sanctuary for these pests. When you rely on Manning’s Pest Control. We make sure the homes in Wilmington, NC can become pest free.  If you need termite treatment or you believe you may have a termite infestation, then give us a call. Termites can cause significant damage to your home so don’t wait!

North Carolina Humidity

If you have ever spent a summer in Wilmington, NC, you quickly find out that some days are unbearable because of the heat and humidity. Unfortunately, though we humans may not like the humidity, some pests love and thrive in humidity. In your cellars or basements, you may notice that the humidity is affecting the wood and causing it to be damp. This is cause for serious concern. Not only do termites love humidity, but they like what the humidity does to the wood of your home. Our crawlspace moisture services can help prevent desirable conditions for pests.  If you live in Wilmington, you will be exposed to high levels of humidity. We hope you don’t have to use our services because dealing with pests can be a pain, but if you notice a problem, give us a call and we will be glad to make your home pest free! 

Pest control

After we rid your home of pests, we make sure it stays that way. We offer our pest control services to the Wilmington, NC area in hopes to keep our town happy and free of pests.  There could be many factors contributing to the pests that find their way into crawlspaces and other areas of your home. If you have crawl space moisture that needs attention, it’s no problem for us!

Crawl Space Moisture & Termites

If you are a native to the Wilmington, NC area, then the hot and warm temperatures year-round should be no surprise to you. While people are actively enjoying the nice weather, unfortunately, a lot of pests are as well. Termite infestation is commonly caused by excessive trapped moisture in the crawl space due to improper crawl space ventilation. Even when the temperature dips down lower than usual, it doesn’t necessarily mean that pests are dying, which means they could come back very quickly. 
What Happens To Insects During Colder Temperatures?During cold weather, insects don’t exactly hibernate, but many of them do go into a state called diapause. When the environment changes and insects go into diapause for survival, it is called facultative diapause. During diapause, the insects are in a state of low respiration and activity. In diapause, the insects’ metabolic rate and oxygen use are reduced to almost nothing. If they can, bugs will find the comfort of your home to wait out cold temperatures. 

Why This Matters In North Carolina

This is important to know because when temperatures drop further than usual, we don’t want to think that any pest problems we have may be solved on their own. Insects are more active in the warmer temperatures, so once the temperature climbs back up enough, they may come out of diapause as if nothing happened. This is why it is important to let our professionals know when your home is invaded by pests. We cannot count on the temperature to take care of this problem for us. Even when winter passes in much colder climates, insects come back quickly, because many have been in diapause. So, for a climate, such as the climate in  Wilmington, NC, the weather is probably not going to stop many pests. 

Common Concerns for Residents in Wilmington, NC Include: 

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