Crawl Space Moisture Services For The Wilmington, Oak Island & Southport, NC Areas

Crawlspaces are no strangers to damp, moldy conditions. Leaks, poor drainage, and high humidity can all contribute to dampness and lead to mold. Exposure to mold is dangerous, especially for those with allergies or asthma. While mold is dangerous to breathe in, it is also dangerous to the structure of your building as it can cause significant damage.

This is where we come into play. Here at Manning’s Pest Control, we also do crawl space moisture control. Our job is to make sure the most forgotten spaces of your home do not become a growth center for mold. We have the tools and equipment to get into the tightest of spaces where moisture presence could be completely unknown. It is important that you are not at risk for health problems due to mold growth in your own home. If you have any suspicion of moisture or mold in the crawl spaces of your home, give us a call today! 

What is a crawl space?

A small, cramped area usually beneath a floor or roof where typically only wiring or pipes will run through.

Control over the humidity of your home can have severe effects on how healthy your living conditions are. If moisture control is an issue in your home, Manning’s Pest Control can fix the problem in your home. 

Our humidity control services include:

1. Installation of dehumidifiers in crawlspaces along with vapor barriers to maintain a healthy environment in the crawlspace. Less unhealthy fumes and gases into your home.

2. Auto non-toxic vents can be installed in the foundation walls to control the humidity in your crawlspace and help with undesirable air conditions.

3. Vapor barriers installed to prevent moisture from rising from the soil and into your home. Conditions may occur to homes causing unhealthy living conditions.

Just remember, if you are in the Southport, Oak Island & Wilmington, NC areas looking for a crawlspace moisture control company, rely on Manning’s to get the job done right the first time.

Call us now for safe crawl space moisture control in your home.

Rid Your Home of Crawl Space Moisture

Let’s work together to make Wilmington a better place to live. You personally may not need our pest control services, but if you know someone who does, tell them to drop us a line, and we will allow them to be comfortable in their own home again. We are experts in pest control and dealing with crawl space moisture.